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Archive for April, 2017

How to use Buildout’s tools to efficiently share your documents and materials

It’s not enough to be able to create marketing materials. You also have to effective...
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What our customers love most about Buildout

Buildout will change your brokerage for the better, but don’t just take our word for...
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How great materials set you apart from the competition

In a sea of CRE firms that do the same thing, you have to differentiate yours. In this...
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Adding and editing your property in Buildout

How to add and edit a property in Buildout, so you can quickly create or update all of...
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Managing a technology change in your brokerage

Implementing a new technology at your brokerage can be intimidating, but everyone on y...
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How Buildout’s documents and features streamline your brokerage

Learn how Buildout saves your brokerage significant time with our robust document layo...
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Using Buildout to scale your brokerage

As your brokerage grows, you’ll need a tool to help you keep up with your own succes...
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