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Archive for April, 2017

CRE marketing best practices: part three

The future of CRE marketing is in embracing innovation, but choose carefully which tac...
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2016 DNA of #CRE survey now open

Take our survey to help us shine a light on industry trends and better serve brokerage...
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Guest post: How to find and tell the story of your listing

Guest blog by Elizabeth Knight, Apto. Marketing a listing is all about prep work. Even...
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CRE marketing best practices: part two

In part one of this series, we discussed a few best practices for your marketing colla...
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CRE marketing best practices: part one

A focus on client service, brand consistency and information architecture will ensure ...
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Create OMs that close deals

Automate the creation of your offering memorandums to save time, generate leads and cl...
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Resource Preview: Demonstrating Buildout’s value to brokerage owners

Buildout’s positive ROI comes from opportunities to scale, the elimination of other ...
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