Adding and editing your property in Buildout

Setting up templates using PowerPoint decks or Adobe InDesign files is one way to streamline the development of property marketing materials. But do they really create efficiencies at your brokerage? Not as much as you might think.

Every time you need to add or change property information, you have to go through each template making modifications and adding images. It takes countless hours, and human error can add even more editing time to the mix. This time-intensive process drove us to develop a more efficient way to input property information just once and then trigger an instant update across all of your documents. Here’s how it works with Buildout:

Add property information in Buildout

To add a property into Buildout, navigate to the homepage, click “New Property” and begin inputting the information. Use our dynamic forms to select the type of listing you’re creating. Buildout has forms for 7 property types, including office, retail, industrial, land, specialty, multi-family and hospitality, and 54 property subtypes. Depending on what you choose, subtypes will populate to allow you to define the details of your property, such as the number of rooms in a hotel, the loading information for an industrial space or the building class of an office. The depth of information you’re able to put into Buildout’s forms ensures all of your property details make it into your marketing documents.

Buildout Property Edit Form

In Buildout, you choose your exact property type with options to specify the subtype. Additional relevant fields then display so you can enter all the information you need to market your property.

When you need to create a proposal, OM or any other marketing document, the property information will automatically populate your materials. You can also upload photos and videos that will pull into your documents to showcase the visual aspects of your properties.

Later on, if you need to modify property information, simply update the property form and all materials will instantly display the new information.

Buildout Property Edit Form, Media

Buildout Document

Upload your photos in the property form and they’ll populate into all of your documents. You can then customize the photos in each document by editing their size or swapping them out as you wish.

If your listing information is already online, Buildout integrates with a number of CRMs that commercial real estate brokerages use. For example, ClientLook offers a one-click method to push all of your listing information to Buildout. This way, any time you add a new property into your CRM, the information is reflected within Buildout.

Centrally located property information leads to better, more efficient marketing

With Buildout, you no longer have to worry about updating your property information across multiple PowerPoint or Excel files. When you need to add or modify a property detail, edit your property listing in just one place: Buildout. Then, watch as it’s instantly updated with accuracy and consistency in all of your materials, websites and upcoming email blasts.

When preparing marketing documents, you’ll also save valuable time consulting outside sources for features like demographics maps. Buildout pulls this information for you automatically from trusted sources like the U.S. Census.

Buildout Demographics

Buildout populates demographics from the U.S. Census so you can easily add them to your marketing materials along with a corresponding map to illustrate the reach of the data.

Time savers like these allow you to spend more of your days focusing on the tasks that really help your brokers close deals. And, the next time your broker asks you to get him a complete marketing package in a week, it should only take a few hours.

The property listing feature is just one of the many aspects of the Buildout platform that saves brokerages time and streamlines marketing activities. To learn more, check out our post “How Buildout’s documents and features streamline your brokerage.”